Ermetika EvoKit FIRE Rated Single Pocket Door System 762x1981mm - EEFSCUK5


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Ermetika EvoKit FIRE Rated Single Pocket Door System 762x1981mm - EEFSCUK5

Size - Pocket Door System 762x1981mm

Evokit is a traditional framed pocket door system, unlike other pocket door systems in the market. Evokit is a sturdy product thanks to its galvanized steel and aluminium construction. Cavity sliding door systems provide stunning modern aesthetic solutions and let you save precious floor space while separating it.

Since it is a Kit, transport and stocking are much easier and the installation is fast and accurate thanks to its snap-fit assembly system.

Pocket Doors not only maximise valuable interior space, they’re also a design statement. Sleek, streamline and smart. A Pocket Door can transform your space entirely, aesthetically, and functionally. What’s more, Pocket Doors seamlessly fit into any décor, be it traditional or contemporary.

Pocket Doors are an ideal way to save space! Pocket Doors create more space within a room as well as making a design statement! Pocket doors are wheelchair friendly also creating a safe space, as opposed to some environments with a traditional hinged door which can be difficult for disabled users.
Pocket Doors are a beautiful way to create a blend between doors and the rest of an interior! Pocket Doors elevate interior spaces to create a modern, fashionable interior, whether you choose a modern frameless pocket door system, or a more traditional framed system.


Ermetika EvoKit FIRE Rated Single Pocket Door System

Fully tested and approved to BS EN 1634-1:2009 by Exova Warringtonfire & UNI EN 13501-2:2016.

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