Door Hinges

Often under-appreciated, great door hinges can make all the difference to both door-furniture design and home care. Door hinges hold the weight of your door, bear the brunt of the wear and tear and dissipate pressure to allow your doors to open and close. They're also often on show, which means they don't just need to be functional, they may also need to be aesthetically appealing. Choice Handles provides a wide variety of door-hinge products. Browse our selection and discover the perfect door hinges for your door.

How to Find the Perfect Door Hinges

All doors have different hinge requirements. Finding the right door hinges for your door is just as important as finding the right door for the property. At Choice Handles, you'll find all types of door hinges to suit your needs. We sell a huge range of Ball Bearing Door HingesButt Door Hinges Fire Door HingesT Door HingesParliament Door HingesSpring Door Hinges and even more. Through our filter, you'll also be able to focus your search further, narrowing your options down by factors like sizing, finish, style and even brands. Use our filter features to easily locate the exact products you need — we make shopping for door hinges fast and effective.

Why Choose Choice Handles for Your Door Hinges?

Choice Handles isn't just a company that sells door handles. Our services go way beyond this to cover all door-furniture products and ironmongery. We're invested in bringing you the best door furniture from top-level brands around the globe. We handpick all our products, looking at everything from design appeal to manufacturing processes and product quality. With 45 years’ experience in the industry, we're confident we can provide you with an unbeatable range of door hinges. With free delivery on orders over £75 and same-day or next-day expedited shipping, when you shop with Choice Handles, you'll have your doors fixed and fitted in no time!


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