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A Guide to the Different Types of Door Handles

A Guide to the Different Types of Door Handles

No door is complete without a handle. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re kitting out a commercial office block, a grand hotel or a family home, you’ll need door handles. Over the years, as styles and demands have changed, the wealth of door-handle products has grown. These days, you’re spoilt for choice.

Maybe you’re planning to renovate your home or office space and are wondering which door handle will be the perfect fit, or maybe you are simply intrigued about the different types of door handles?

Perhaps you have old, worn-out door handles that need to go as soon as possible, and you want to replace them with beautiful new ones, but the variety of door handles is quite overwhelming? At Choice Handles, we’ll be able to help you choose the ideal door handles for your home and, hopefully, make the process of picking the right door handles a bit easier.

What Are the Different Types of Door Handles?

When chosen correctly, door handles can provide the perfect finishing touch for both new and existing doors. The correct style will give your doors a polished and finished look that everyone will notice. You’ll want to find the style that is going to complement your property the most, but where do you start?

To help you, we’ve pulled together this handy guide to some of the most popular styles and what they are most suited for, along with advice on function, finish and everything else you need to consider:

Lever Handle on Backplate 

Lever on Backplate Handles are handles that come with a backplate. They are a traditional-style handle and can be supplied just as a lever with a backplate, as a lever and a lock or with just a thumb turn — most commonly used for bathrooms. The backplate provides an opportunity to choose from a range of styles, from the classic shape to square curved-style backplates for more traditional buildings. They also present a choice of many different finishes to match your décor, including Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Polished Chrome and Dark Bronze to name but a few.

Lever Handle on Rose 

Lever on rose door handles are levers that are supplied with a Square or Circular Rose surrounding the point at which the handle connects to the door, ensuring the fixings are hidden from view to add a smooth finish. They are much smaller than backplates and do not come with locks, but if needed, locks can be fixed separately and covered with escutcheons to create a smooth finish. The lever on rose handles come in a range of styles and finishes to suit your door, from simple stainless steel levers to polished chrome and two-tone finishes, and from linear handles to winged, curved and square.

Pull Handles

Pull Handles are a great solution for doors that do not require latches and open inwards.  Fitted externally onto the door, they come in a wide range of styles and are often chosen for their simplicity and ease of use. Choose from curved D Handles, straight-edge handles and T Handles, which have extensions at each end to create a more linear appeal.

Flush Pull Handles

Flush Pull Handles are most commonly used on sliding doors and are fitted into the door itself to create a flush finish, allowing doors to slide into the cavity without any obstruction. They come in a range of styles and sizes, from small finger pulls to rectangles, squares and circular designs.

Door Lever Handles vs. Door knobs: Which Is Better?

When choosing door handles for your home, it is normal to wonder whether to opt for a lever handle or a door knob. Both offer a beautiful finish to any home or office, however, there are a few benefits and drawbacks specific to each that you should consider.

 Door knobs are more practical in the sense that, when fitted with appropriate latches, they can be used by rotating the knob either way, regardless of the position of the door. However, these door handles don’t offer as much grip as lever handles, thus they can be more difficult to use for the elderly and children.

Door levers offer more convenience for the user, as they are easily operated (even with your elbow when you are carrying home bags of groceries). This type of door handle features a wider variety of options — you can choose from lots of different backplates to fit with your chosen aesthetic, for example. There are a few drawbacks when it comes to lever handles, including the fact that, due to their shape, loose clothing tends to get caught on the handle. And, due to the springs that hold the lever, these handles might require more maintenance than door knobs.

Nonetheless, door knobs and door-handle levers can be combined around the house to give different design elements to your overall décor. So, if you are not sure on a particular door handle, why not mix and match?

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